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The Advantages of Handwritten To-Do Lists and Why They're Still Used

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Whether your an avid typist, not so tech-savvy, or somewhere in between, you most likely have a preferred method for keeping lists. While I still use my Google Calendar and my Trello board multiple times a day, I also keep handwritten lists and really enjoy to! I've also learned there are advantages to handwritten lists as well! Here are a few advantages and reasons to use handwritten lists over an app.

1. Written is better and more effective for memory recall

Physically writing to-do’s, tasks or ideas down activates parts of your brain involved in thinking thus allowing you to store and manage this information. Engaging the brain in this way helps you focus your subconscious on the success that follows. So having written lists for goals could be a great idea for you to 1. remember and 2. succeed at them.

2. It could be quicker to just jot down that smaller task or fresh idea on paper

When we remember we need to grab some handsoap next time we are out or come up with the next greatest idea while eating our lunch, it could just be easier (and be less distracting) to just jot these thoughts down on paper! Having to open up your software of choice, then assign your idea or task to a project and fill out all the stuff that goes along with it is pretty time-consuming. Also, a lot of the time, it's just not necessary to fill out descriptions, responsible parties, etc. for that task or idea -- which leads us into our third point.

3. Not every task, goal or idea will fit into your software or list taking method

I've always believed (anything, but in this case) a piece of software or stationery that's simple and super effective at one thing is miles more useful than that of one that's a jack of all trades. I think Trello is great at organizing and managing projects. While you can use Trello for note-keeping or to-do lists, I prefer to-do lists and grocery lists to be kept off my project boards and placed on my refrigerator (a place I'll admit I go to quite often...). Also, it's easier for me to mark off things at the grocery store on a piece of paper rather than unlocking my phone, opening the app, and however many other clicks it takes to remove that 1 item from my shopping list.

4. Not every list or task needs to be kept or is worthy of it

Not everything we write down is really worthy of further consideration or attention. While software and apps may allow us to collect more information and keep detailed records, this can sometimes lead to information overload. If I'm just making a simple grocery list, I'm going to toss that sucker right when I get home.

 While some may claim there are rights and wrongs for certain list-types, at the end of the day, I'm an advocate to just doing what works for you

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