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Handpicked 1950's-70's Vintage Home Decor

Find something one-of-a-kind for you or a friend's happy space.

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In a world of high volume low quality stuff, there is a search for something better. Grandma's cliché holds true, they truly don't make them like they used to. So, come bring the excitement of your treasure-hunting right here with our curated collection of awesome old stuff!

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Small batch and super special... There is beauty in imperfection and having items that are really handmade. Counterbalance to our sped-up, technology-centered world is a batch of handcrafted-with-love (and imperfections 🙃) decor and accessories -- made by me for you.

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When you do something with your hands, you create a unique connection with that thing. And if you give it as a gift, it makes that "thing" waaay more special.  Also, you could learn something new for fun or as an opportunity for business. So, take a load off and express yourself with our curated selection of D.I.Y. kits!

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I'm crying over how adorable and precious this magnet is! It looks so perfect on my fridge, thank you!

D Troy

Excellent merchandise and fabulous service with quick delivery and perfect packaging. Very pleased with this item and the shop owner. Buy with confidence. Thank you for a pleasant experience and hope to purchase from you again soon.


Beautiful and just as described! Came with a handwritten note and cute gift. Will definitely buy from this seller again! Five stars!