Get To Know Us... Because It Does Matter ❤.

Kitschy Lemon aims to provide fun things for you & your happy space. From hand-selected vintage knickity-knacks to silly notepads and stickers, our collection of products are created and curated for the quirky, to inspire, and most importantly… hope to warm your heart. 

We realize a product is more than just a thing. It's delight, humor & comfort. That's why we make sure every product we sell is:

1. Portrayed with Precision

We want to be a reputable place for you to shop, so there will be no surprises (... especially with a 7-day guarantee!). Plus, awesome prices... So win/win!

2. Designed & Produced with Boundless Love

 We ensure all product quality and love 100% or your money back —
because we are strong supporters of happy people in their happy spaces.

About the Founder

👋! I'm Meg. I'm just a creative dork who's passions lie in graphic design, treasure-seeking & hand-making. I dig finding the coolest vintage treasures and making fun & functional products out of my dorky ideas & doodles (that are totally vintage-inspired!). I live in the Greater Milwaukee area with my amazing husband and my little furball, Frrbee. After years of just user interface design & branding, I realized there was no need to just pick one passion... & thus blossomed Kitschy Lemon!

Feel free to get in touch about any possible projects and/or queries (or just to say hello!) and e-mail me at!

What's Kitsch?

:design or decorative objects that are tacky, flashy, humorous, and/or sentimental (like hand-painted knick-knacks, punny valentines or your grandmother’s embroidered tea towels). More often than not, these items have some sort of handmade quality to them, making them feel extra special.