Get To Know Us... Because It Does Matter ❤.

Kitschy Lemon aims to provide fun things for you & your happy space. From vintage knickity-knacks to handmade rugs with faces, our collection of products are created and curated for the happy & quirky.

We Realize a Product is More Than Just a "Thing..."

It's delight, humor, & comfort. That's why we make sure every product we sell is:

1. Portrayed with Precision

We want to be a reputable place for you to shop, so there will be no surprises (... especially with a 7-day guarantee!). Plus, awesome prices... So win/win!

2. Designed & Produced with Boundless Love

 We ensure all product quality and love 100% or your money back —
because we are strong supporters of happy people in their happy spaces.

Kitschy Lemon's Strong Supporters of Happy People in Their happy Spaces Badge

What's "Kitsch"?

:design or decorative objects that are tacky, flashy, humorous, and/or sentimental (like hand-painted knick-knacks, punny valentines, or your grandmother’s embroidered tea towels).

Just a silly photo of Meg ☺

👋! I'm Meg☺.

Kitschy Lemon was born in late 2017 after a Graphic Design & Visual Communication's degree was obtained. As I began shifting from digital marketing / agency work into freelancing, I had time to craft, &... I've just never really stopped 😅. I have this odd passion for making anthropomorphic things for fun spaces. I'm super, duper inspired by kitsch aspects of the 1950's as well as mid century modern design. Ultimately, I'm into happy people & happy spaces :•).