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How to Make Reusable Swiffer Pads

Reducing waste and lowering my carbon footprint wherever I can has been a constant journey of mine. Also, the amount of harmful chemicals in our commercial products... everyday exposure over time adds up. So, let's do something super easy that's also 1. fun, 2. environmentally friendly, 3. good for your family's health, and 4. saves money!

Let's make some reusable Swiffer pads! We are going to make you a batch of 3 right away, but feel free to make however many you want.

Tip 1: Read through the whole blog post first before starting the project. Then, take each step one at a time.

What you're going to need:

  • 3 pieces of white terry cloth cut to 12 inches x 11 inches (you can use whatever color you like, but white can be bleached)

... & the usual's

  • thread
  • scissors
  • cutting mat
  • ruler
  • needles / clips
  • rotary cutter
  • sewing machine

Let's Begin!

I'm going to keep this as easy as the project is. Grab all 3 of your 12 inch by 11 inch terry cloth pieces. All you're going to do is start out by folding over the 11 inch sides with a 1/4 inch fold... then fold that fold over again by 1/4 inch! This will ensure the edges don't fray. Pin or clip it. 

Now let's sew these 2 sides using a zigzag stitch. Make sure you backstitch at the beginning and end to ensure stability. Sew it down the right side where the folded fabric meets the rest of the fabric.


Tip 2: It might be because I'm not an advanced seamstress or don't have a heavy duty machine, but due to the terry cloth's thickness, I have to start my stitch and perform my backstitch with a straight stitch versus the zigzag. When you're about a 1/2 inch in, you can switch to that zigzag stitch. Feel free to zigzag all the way if you're not having issues. Remember to raise your needle when changing stitches.


Next, do the same exact thing with the 12 inch sides. It's that easy! The whole project is basically just preventing the edges from fraying.

 And, you're done!

Not only is this a great project for the environment and your family's health, but it makes a wonderful gift! Just wrap the reusable Swiffer pads up in a cute bow, a scrap piece of fabric, or whatever your heart desires!

Feel free to check out more tutorials at our blog! Also, if you wanna be super cool, you can check our our shop of vintage inspired designs.

Thanks for being you 💝.

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