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Kitschy Coin: The Artist's Crypto

Smiley Face, Kitschy Coin Logo


KTSCH (Kitschy Coin) was specifically designed with art at its forefront. KTSCH was created to be traded for handmade (tangible) or digital art, but can be freely used!

By buying and holding KTSCH (Kitschy Coin) you are supporting the creator and participating in their economy. As a KTSCH holder, you are eligible for creator benefits, rewards, & giveaways.

  • 1 KTSCH is equivalent to 1 USD at's shop
  • Lets be friends! By holding at least 1 KTSCH, you will have access to our Discord channel
  • Special giveaways that only KTSCH holders are allowed to participate in

Fixed Supply of 1,000 Coins

Kitschy Coin has a fixed (or maximum) supply, meaning the total number of coins that can ever be in circulation. 1,000 Kitschy Coins were generated at the beginning of 2021. Purchasing a cryptocurrency with a fixed/limited supply is an effective way to profit from the future value, but obviously not guaranteed.

Environmentally Conscious

We've heard how terrible mining crypto is for the environment, but did you know Ethereum will use at least ~99.95% less energy with ETH2? That's why we've decided on making Kitschy Coin an ERC-20 token, one of the most significant tokens.