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Why Choose 100% Wool for Rugs Over Man-Made Fibers Like Arcylic?

100% wool rugs are handcrafted with natural materials (wool is literally shorn from the living sheep!) while artwork made with synthetics (such as nylon, acrylic or polyester) are tufted with cost-effective materials. It's sometimes difficult as an artist or creative to balance cost & quality. In this post, I'll make my case for creating rugs & wall-hangings out of 100% wool versus any sort of synthetic yarns.

1. Longevity

Did you know, well-maintained wool rugs can last well over 50 years? … That's a piece of art that's going to be around for a very long time!

Now, you might be saying, "Well, it's just a wall-hanging and the rug actually isn't going to be sustaining any wear and tear." Well, here at Kitschy Lemon, we love the idea of functional art, so our wall-hangings double as hot pads! We pick the highest quality materials, so you don't have to be afraid to handle or use our work.

2. Environmental Impact

Curious sheep in natural habitat


This is the biggie for me. Wool is natural, and shearing a sheep is safe for the environment and sheep. Actually, sheep like getting hair cuts, just like you & me! Most sheep have annual shearings, but some breeds grow wool faster and are sheared more often, making wool a renewable resource! The sheep are not harmed in the process, unlike leather and sheepskin rugs.


Acrylic yarn... is plastic; a blend of chemicals. We all know plastic pollution causes harm to humans, animals, and plants through toxic pollutants. It can take hundreds (or even thousands!) of years for plastic to break down. So, the environmental damage is extremely long-lasting, affecting us all.

3. Differences in Design

A bunch of colorful yarn

 First off, wool has a very natural look while synthetics (like acrylic) just look "plastic-y."  Another thing is how it feels to the touch. Synthetics can be scratchy or just not as pleasing to the touch as natural fibers. Also, rugs or wall-hangings you wash on a semi-regular basis will show signs of age. I honestly think wool builds upon it's character as it's washed while acrylic tends to get this "matted" & used look.

Worth Noting: Flammability

Simply put, wool will resist flames and sparks while acrylic is highly flammable and catches fire quite easily.

I know using 100% wool 100% of the time can get quite expensive.

It's important to know how your rug or artwork is going to be used. Acrylics might work out just fine. You can continue supporting the environment in these cases too! Just look for second hand yarns via creative markets like Etsy & eBay versus purchasing from your local Walmart or craft store. Small differences really do go a long way.

At the end of the day, I believe, if I invest a great deal of my time to craft an item, I want it to be made of the best quality yarn possible. Feel free to check out our selection of mug rugs & wall hangings; all handcrafted with 100% wool & love. We would love to hear what you think ❤️.

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